We are very gratified to share the following comments from satisfied patients:

  • “Dr. Joseph Cambio is a compassionate, caring man who took the time to answer all my questions before beginning treatment. I never felt rushed. Having my procedure done at the office was much better than going back to the hospital. The staff was out of this world; their kindness and professionalism made a hard thing pleasant. I was treated like a human being – theway we’d all like to be treated.”
    --Ralph Wilkes, North Providence

  • “ When Dr. Angelo Cambio recommended that I have the blast procedure to remove a large kidney stone, I liked the fact that I could have it done at the comfortable, friendly office instead of a hospital. Both Dr. Cambio and the anesthesiologist explained everything clearly before they went to work and my recovery has been quite smooth. Chatting with the nurses as I was leaving for home after the procedure, I told them ‘We had a nice time!’”
    --Linda Isherwood, North Providence

  • "It's always scary to go into surgery but everyone at Urologic Specialists did their best to make me comfortable and confident. They were all professional, courteous and kind. I didn't feel like just another patient -- I felt like I was important to them.

    "The surgical facility was top-notch and the anesthesiologist was terrific, answering all my questions and helping me to relax.

    "I am exceptionally pleased with all the staff I have met, including front office, nurses, technicians and surgical staff. They are each professional and courteous, making surgery and follow-up as pleasant as might be hoped. What you have at Urologic Specialists is a very good team and the patients are the winners."
    --Gerard Levesque, Coventry

  • " This was my second 'blast' procedure for a kidney stone so I was confident in visiting Dr. Cambio's team. They're always on time, polite and professional when I see them for checkups and they gave me clear instructions about what to do (and not do) in advance. I knew exactly what to expect, and thanks to the anesthesia I was asleep throughout the procedure so I didn't feel a thing."
    --Joseph Gallucci, Warwick

  • " In treating both of us and other members of our family, Dr. Cambio and his team have been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and caring. They always follow up promptly, whether to let us know about test results or to make sure we're OK after a procedure. We always feel we're getting the best of care."
    -- Barry & Donna Fishback, North Providence

  • "As a patient of Dr. Cambio’s for over 20 years, I’ve been treated like a King whether I’ve seen him or one of the other doctors if he’s out of town. If I have a stone attack, and by the way I’ve had lots of them, Dr. Cambio selects the treatment that’s right for the situation. Whether it’s waiting and drinking a lot of water to help it pass, or having surgery right away if it’s a big one, his advice and care have been right on the button. When I developed BPH recently, Dr. Cambio listened carefully to my symptoms and said he didn’t think I needed any treatment immediately, but he said there’ll be lots they can do to help if it gets worse. I like that kind of conservative approach. In my many visits, the staff has always treated me with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. I’ve recommended Dr. Cambio to several people with urological problems and they’ve all thanked me after seeing him.”
    Edward Coletti, North Providence

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